Ultra - Cape Town - 2019

There aren’t enough adjectives in this world to describe our 3rd Ultra Cape Town. There’s a reason it’s become the largest electronic music festival in Africa. It’s always one of the biggest events on the calendar and this year’s show was no different.

With the exception of a last-minute police escort to help shepherd the headline DJs through the Friday traffic in order to make their slots on time, everything ran like a well-oiled machine. We suppose that’s what happens when your team is sent down from the Gods themselves.

15 000 people, 7 days of preparation, 2 stages, 12 hours of electronic dance music (and a pyro display that would make your daddy cry) later and we’d wrapped on one hell of a week, one hell of a festival and one hell of an epic ending to one of the biggest show days of the year. Take a look.